Undergraduate Undeclared Advising Program

Meet the Undergraduate/Undeclared peers and discuss with them your interests so that they can help guide you in finding the major that is the right fit for you! Discuss with the peers how to get involved and the resources available on campus that will help you become a successful student at UCI!

Jazmin Rubio

Major(s) Psychology, BA

Minor(s) Biological Sciences Hometown Pasadena, CA Extracurriculars

My top three extracurricular activities:

UUMP Mentor (2020-2021)

Genetic Counseling Interesest Group (2020-Present)

Church’s Ministry of Music Member (2014- Present)

Why do you love UCI?

When I first stepped into UCI during my freshman year, I fell in love with Aldrich Park. When I applied to UCI, I had heard of its circle design and Aldrich Park as the heart of the campus seemed very cool to me. What solidified my love for UCI was the people and also the staff. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with student, counselors, and program coordinators. They have always helped me find any resources available for me as well as answer any of my questions while keeping a kind and supportive attitude.

How can you be a successful Anteater?

To be a successful Anteater one should take advantage of all the resources available as well as the various clubs and programs on campus. I have found that being more engaged with programs and clubs that relate to something I identify with, or like, helps me feel like I have a greater purpose in as a student. They’re also great for making new friends and networking! There are many resources on campus that aim to help students with their academic struggles as well as mental and emotional. Therefore, taking advantage of resources is among the elements that can help a student feel more at more at UCI while guiding them to success.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

When I was little I grew a strong dislike for cats after one scratched me. It was not until quarantine that I felt very lonely and decided to adopt a female orange tabby. She won my heart, so I decided to adopt two more cats. So, I went from being a dog person, to instantly becoming a cat person after I had my first cat.