Change of Major

UCI is in the midst of an initiative to evaluate and improve its change of major process. The goal of this initiative is to ensure that students have a transparent and clear pathway to change majors. The initiative involves conversations with the Academic Senate, academic advisors, and administration. Additionally, the initiative will involve reviewing best practices from other universities, research performed by UCI’s School of Education, and recommending changes to the process as needed. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to make the change of major process more efficient, effective, and easy for students to navigate.

Academic Recovery

In a reframing of the traditional “academic probation” and “disqualification” processes, the primary goal of “academic recovery” is to move toward consistency and transparency in processes across campus while balancing any unique needs of the academic units. This multi-year effort combines the expertise of academic advising, OVPTL, and faculty to craft a holistic, student-centric approach to achieving academic success at UCI.