Undergraduate Undeclared Advising Program

Meet the Undergraduate/Undeclared peers and discuss with them your interests so that they can help guide you in finding the major that is the right fit for you! Discuss with the peers how to get involved and the resources available on campus that will help you become a successful student at UCI!

Taravee Tichilasuntron

Major(s): Informatics
Minor(s): Sociology
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

* U/U Mentorship Program (UUMP) Coordinator (2023-current)
* Undeclared/Undecided Mentor (2022-2023)
* Phi Zeta Tau (2022-current)

Why do you love UCI?

I love how many resources UCI provides for students. Many students don’t know about them but they’ve been extremely helpful especially in times of need. I hope more people can take advantages of these free resources!

How can you be a successful Anteater?

To be a successful Anteater, you must keep an open-mind and time manage well. Keeping an open-mind allows you to explore new things or join something you never thought you would be involved in. Trying something new may surprise you. Go out there and explore while also maintaining a good balance with school.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

A fun fact about me is that I enjoy crocheting! It is a great way for me to express my creative side while also destress.