School of Social Ecology

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Sophia Ma

Major(s): Criminology, Law and Society; Psychological Science

Hometown: San Leandro, CA

* Research assistant for Juvenile Justice Lab (2023)
* Research fellow for Career Pathways in Learning Analytics and Data Science (CP-LEADS) (2023)
* Writing tutor for TRIO Scholars (2021 – 2023)

Why do you love UCI?

I love UCI because it has one of the best criminology programs in the nation! There are also many opportunities to get involved in research, join clubs, and get to know the people on campus. UCI has resources for all students no matter their background, experience, and culture. Finally, it is always fun to make new friends on campus.

How can you be a successful Anteater?

One can be a successful Anteater by asking for help, and this can take many different forms. This may include networking, going to office hours, studying with peers, or using campus resources. It is important for an Anteater to know that they are not alone on their journey. Others are here to guide you through your college experience.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

A fun fact about myself is that I have two pet snakes (a Mexican black kingsnake and a ball python).