Public Health

Meet the Program in Public Health Peer Academic Advisors!  Soon to be the School of Population and Public Health, they can help you explore strategies for healthy living from a science and/or policy perspective. 

Ziena Smadi

Major(s): Public Health Policy
Minor(s): Urban and Regional Planning
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

* Students for Justice in Palestine at UCI (2021-present)
* Anything art!- music, drawing, sculpting, cooking, etc.
* Going to the beach 😀

Why do you love UCI?

I enjoy UCI as I have found myself in a close-knit community with people I love spending my time with. I also truly appreciate how the scenery around campus changes slightly with every passing season- trees, animals, people, etc.!

How can you be a successful Anteater?

You can be a successful Anteater by doing what you enjoy! There are many opportunities at this campus to get involved in topics you are passionate about, and if there aren’t, you can definitely start one and people would join 🙂

What is one fun fact about yourself?

A fun fact about myself is that I can break apples with my palms.