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Feifei (Faye) Tang

Major(s): Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hometown: Zhejiang, China

* Home chef and food connoisseur
* Runner and hiker
* Theater enthusiast

Why do you love UCI?

UC Irvine has an inspiring and supportive community that helps all Anteaters become better versions of themselves. The campus is beautifully organized, with many places available for study, exercise, counseling, having fun, and many more. Additionally, I feel safe walking around campus and the surrounding community at any time.

How can you be a successful Anteater?

First, one should really listen to the voice from their heart. No external thing can define who you are, and each Anteater deserves to pursue what they want with numerous resources available on campus. One should take chances, make mistakes, and always reach out for help.

Second, one should explore their interests and interact with all kinds of people on campus. UC Irvine is a safe and convenient place to explore any possible life path and meet kind people from diverse backgrounds.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

I remember all my dreams when I wake up. I have a dream log to track my mental state.