Paul Merage School of Business

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Alisa Tsang

★ Lead Peer Academic Advisor

Major(s): Business Administration
Minor(s): Psychological Science
Hometown: Fremont, CA

* Human Resources Management Association (2021-present)
* Visions Leadership (ASUCI) (2021-present)
* Kesem at UCI

Why do you love UCI?

I love UCI because of its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Not only because of Southern California’s sunny weather, but also because of the people and the campus itself. I always found nature relaxing, so I really enjoy the amount of greenery around our campus, especially in Aldrich Park. At UCI, I also have met many people from diverse backgrounds who inspire me to become a better person and to experience more things.

How can you be a successful Anteater?

One tip I have on being a successful Anteater is to not be afraid to push yourself to try new experiences. I never signed up for leadership opportunities or clubs in high school and knew that I wanted to change that in college. UCI has so many opportunities for students to be involved in different areas, whether it be academic, professional, or even recreational. Although it might seem uncomfortable and scary at first, being able to have an experience to learn and grow is worth it the uncomfortable feelings in the end.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

I am able to tell what movie a Disney song is from after listening to the first couple of seconds.