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Cecilia Chiou

Major(s): Biological Sciences

Hometown: San Gabriel Valley, CA

* Biological Sciences Student Council (2021-Present)
* UCI Housing (2021-Present)
* Lover of Food** (2003-Present)

Why do you love UCI?

I think the people here really make UCI such a fun and exciting place to be in! I genuinely don’t know how I could be happy here without the people here. From my first year until now, I really like talking to my friends and I value the relationships that I’ve made thus far. I can’t wait to form new relationship with others!

How can you be a successful Anteater?

I think being a successful Anteater really comes from one’s abilities to take things slowly and stay persistent. Times will be hard, especially as a student, but it’s important to be able to stay mentally healthy and happy for quality work to come out. In addition, I think time management is also a key way to be successful. Since everyone schedules end up being so packed, knowing how to use and manage your time is definitely a vital skill as a successful Anteater.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

A fun fact about myself is that I absolutely love cooking and eating. From the first meal I cooked in 6th grade, which was literally just ramen, till now, I have always relished being able to partake in my own creations. But my cooking when I was little did not always go so well, because I almost burned down my kitchen on three separate occasions: one with a microwave, one because I did not watch the pot correctly, and a second time with the microwave!