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Marielena Mendoza

Peer Academic Advisor

School of Social Sciences


Cognitive Science


Santa Ana, CA


* TNL Research Assistant (Summer 2022 – Present)
* Peer Academic Advisor (Fall 2022 – Present)
* Reading and Thrifting Enthusiast

Personal Biography

Why do you love UCI?

I love how UCI offers various outlets to explore both academic and personal interests. If you look around, finding a club devoted to your niche hobby or a lab researching a topic you’re curious about is easy to find.

How can you be a successful Anteater?

Remembering to be kind to yourself greatly helps one become a successful Anteater. Navigating higher education can be overwhelming, and I think we sometimes forget to applaud ourselves for simply trying.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

I find it relaxing to go for a walk while listening to music. When walking to class, I always try to cut through Aldrich Park for a few minutes of peace. Lana Del Rey, Mitski, and BTS make the walk all the more enjoyable.